Developmental Psychology

Aspects of Developmental Psychology include theories of development. In particular, theories of development include: Comparing Theories of Developmental Psychology, Introduction to Ideas Addressed by Theories, Piagetian Theory, Vygotsky & Socio-Cultural Theory, Information-Processing Theories, Dynamic Systems & Computational Models, Ecological Theories, and Theory-Theory.

Developmental Psychology Theories

Piaget & Piagetian Theory

Jean Piaget's Genetic Epistemology, Appreciation and Critique: Essay by Joseph Campell typing Piagetian theory to 'Objectivism'.

Social Contexutalism

The Virtual Faculty's Vygotsky Project: summary of Vygotsky's work and collection of related papers.

Trends in Human Development: Chapter 10 of the 2001 textbook "The Many Faces of Psychological Research in the 21st Century". This chapter summarizes trends in developmental psychology with an extensive discussion of the role of Vygotksy's theory.

Information Processing & Learning Theory

The Theory Into Practice Database: summaries of thoeries and concepts in the study of learning and instruction.

Swenson's Learning Theory Text: on-line textbook of learning theory.

Robert Siegler: collection of PDF articles.

B. F. Skinner, A Brief Autobiography: originally published in A History of Psychology in Autobiography

Neural Networks, Dynamic Systems, & Other Computational Models

ACT_R: extensive collection of John Anderson's articles and the ACT-R software

Brian MacWhinney: collection of pdf articles by topic.

PDP: collection of pdf articles by James McClelland and software.

Attachment Theory

Attachment Theory & Research at StonyBrook: Contains many articles on Attachment Theory, including recent research as well as classic works by Bowlby and Ainsworth. [Web-Site Contains Excessive Javascript & Applets]