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Is the fundamental attribution error consistent across cultures or does it develop in culturally-specific ways?

Development of Fundamental Attribution Error Across Cultures


The FAE only exists in Eurocentric individualistic cultures. It is rare in collectivist cultures. ~ Michael

Academic reference, please. ~ Stuart


Stuart, Don't you know that asking for references in very Eurocentric of you!!!!!! Though it's probably not as categorical as Michael makes it sound, there is cross-cultural research showing that, by adulthood, those of us in individualistic cultures make more attributions to dispositions than those of us in interdependent cultures. For example, adults from the United States adults explained deviant behaviors using dispositions (45% of the time) more than context (14%). Adults from India explained the same deviant behaviors using context (32%) more than dispositions (14%). The same pattern was true for pro-social behaviors but not as strongly (35% vs 22% attributions to disposition in US and India respectively). What's most fascinating (at least to me as a developmental psychologist) is that children at 8 and 11 years of age, answered similarly across cultures. Here's the reference:

Miller, J. G. (1984). Culture and the development of everyday social explanation. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 46(5), 961-978